Saturday, November 10, 2007

:::D E P R E S S I N G - N E W S:::

"India has just 2.3 million broadband subscribers. That translates into a 0.2% broadband penetration... If that sounds damning, there’s more. India stands right at the bottom on a list [ranking] 34 countries in terms of the number of broadband subscribers... This, despite all the noise around telecom and IT growth in India. "
Economic Times,
LinkOct 31, 2007
2.3 million connections means that Broadband Internet is as common in India as Cretinism (Severe Iodine Deficiency), the most common form of preventable mental retardation (use iodized salt, people).

However, perhaps even more depressing, did you know that last quarter, Internet connections in India actually fell, from 9.27 to 9.22 million. Has the Internet market already peaked? What is going on? Any NRI thoughts on this?

Wrapping up: Indian 'Broadband' is defined as anything greater than >256kbps. But even for "broadband" users, the typical speeds are far below this--due to overcapacity and dishonest broadband companies. That's why my "2mbps" connection is downloading at 161kbps.

And finally, to top it off, I can't access my mobile network, as Vodafone's GPRS has been offline for the past 2 days. oh, oh, I'm feeling faint!

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