Saturday, November 10, 2007

Piggyback or Leapfrog?

Here are two seeming contrary views on Technology Development in India. The Economist says that India should be faster to copy western technologies, while Thomas Friedman says that imitating the west would be a disaster. What do you think?

"India Dreams of Leapfrogging to the Front of the Technological Pack. But There is Nothing Wrong with Piggybacking on Foreign Inventions, Says Simon Cox in The Economist this Week"
Business Wire India
"So what should India do? It should leapfrog us, not copy us. Just as India went from no phones to 250 million cellphones — skipping costly land lines and ending up with, in many ways, a better and cheaper phone system than we have — it should try the same with mass transit."
Thomas Friedman of the New York Times
see also E2K article by Thomas Friedman


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