Monday, February 18, 2008

$15 Laptop seen in Mumbai

This toystore in Bandra was selling a number of "educational computers" that purport to teach English, Spelling, Mathematics, and Music. I can't vouch for their efficacy, but they sell for about $15 and they do 'work.' However, in my limited experience, they were very difficult to use, and not very much fun. Couldn't this be improved upon? I like the idea of developing educational toys, at a price that is within reach. If only these computers had better content and design!
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Blogger TasHammer said...

G'day Folks

Any chance of finding out a brand or any other info about the screen and keyboard seen on the "$15 Laptop seen in Mumbai" image on the blog? The keyboard might well be a blessing for folks who have motor problems (this includes me) as hitting a normal key can be fraught with a short fuse. Using conventional mice is also very very difficult to impossible on some same days.

It seems to me that trying some of the low priced kit might be a good idea rather than spending $11ty million on so-called "educational" or "therapeutic" that often either doesn't work or is of the same level of quality as the "cheap" stuff.

Thankee kindly

August 9, 2008 8:45 AM  

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