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About the Authors

Bryant Chou

Engineering Intern at Qualcomm, India

Bryant has worked in a variety of technology firms in the past four years. He started out working as a technician in a cell phone manufacturing facility in Komarom, Hungary. He has also worked as a software engineer in a SAN storage company Dot Hill Co., for Symantec in the Silicon Valley, and at Websense as a web security intern before arriving in India. He has been very interested in enterprise level software design, and enjoys skiing the powder of Lake Tahoe after large snowdumps.

Bryant's take:

            We can't really put into words what India is like. And to get the opportunity to work in such an invigorating city and participate in such a vibrant industry is an experience that is surreal. Being my age, it's a great opportunity to learn all about India with unshielded eyes, and dive into its culture and lifestyle while learning all about Indian business practices. Being away from home for so long is something that only twenty somethings can do, and amazingly, it's not hard to fit in along with the Indo-Aryans. I just have to pretend I'm from Nagaland. (mein nagaland se huum)

            Technology is a great way to understand how India is coming onto its own. We've explored many places, and with Qualcomm's help, we've learned so much about the state of mobile phones in this country. The fascination will not end when my tenure in India is over. So be sure to stop me and ask why India has been so fascinating!


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